Simplifying Supper

why do they want dinner

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Our new routine has James home for supper every night. Getting meals on the table has always been a challenge for me, but I buckled down and did a meal plan last week, and it’s changed my lfie already. You can read all about it over at This Sisterhood.

Rhythm and Routine

Guys! I still write sometimes!


And it’s super exciting, in the 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday kind of a way. I’m all jazzed up over the beautiful potential for rhythm and routine.

You can read all about it over at This Sisterhood.

Happy Monday


A Wee Update

It’s been quiet around here…

Partly lack of inspiration. Mostly lack of creating time. And uncertainty over my voice – is there any point in spewing my thoughts? Trying to walk the balance between the humble knowledge that there is nothing new under the sun, the world will certainly get by without my words, and the reality that I have been so blessed by the words of others and am so thankful that they took the time to write. So I sit in between and consider this pull (dare I call it a “call”?) to write.

And then this idea of essentials, sticking with what’s most necessary the health and happiness of myself and my family. I’ve been laughing at myself as I’ve fallen short of many of my resolutions that I set for myself and the blog – a weekend digest? a weekly hymn? celebration of discipline? We’ll see. They might appear in fits and starts. Or maybe not at all.

That said, there are ideas brewing. Things (I think) worth sharing. If time allows, I will. And if not…ah, well.

Love Songs

I’m over at This Sisterhood today, talking about love – the best kind.


So, it’s Valentine’s Day this week, in case you’ve managed to miss the onslaught of pink, red, chocolate, flowers and teddy bears. I don’t know how you feel about Valentine’s, but I know I haven’t always loved it. I don’t like the focus on romance and exclusivity, or the commercialization of our most intimate relationships. I don’t like how it can make single people feel lonely and sad, or how it can make people in a happily committed relationship either anxious about not getting the “right” gift, or dissatisfied because someone else’s partner did something more romantic.

All that said, I’m a big fan of love. And I am 127% certain that being reminded that we’re loved is a good thing.

So, here it is. Let me lay it on you:

 Come on over to read the rest of the post – and for a playlist of some of my favourite love songs.


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Beauty in the Being

It’s a This Sisterhood day (just like every Monday). And this one? This is one that I want to shout from the mountaintops.

Body image.

I have been so saddened lately to hear derogatory comments about women’s bodies

from their own mouths.

It frustrates me.

I’m frustrated with a world that has set ridiculous air-brushed standards that are not healthy or attainable.
I’m frustrated with women for buying it.
And even more that they’ve internalized it.

I have no problem with striving to be healthy.
I have no problem with striving to be beautiful.

But the constant refrain of “just a few more pounds” and “I can’t eat that”

is neither




Today, I looked in the mirror

Oh no, it’s not a body you’d see in a magazine.

But it sure is beautiful.

What’s beautiful?

Come join us at This Sisterhood to find out what I see in the mirror…